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Server Rules

on Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:16 pm
If you die while being chased by the Cops, we will arrest you when you respawn
Basically, like it says, if you die while in a situation with police, you are not exempt from being arrested when you respawn!
However death in a robbery or any other RP situation which involves your death, you cannot take revenge for you or your friend.

2. No meta-gaming!
Meta-gaming is using Out-of-character or 3rd party information in an in-character context!
For example, telling your buddy over teamspeak to come and shoot a cop who's arresting you is meta-gaming
since TeamSpeak channels and chat are out-of-character! Similarly, you cannot use TeamSpeak to talk to a friend and plan a bank heist! Instead, talk in-game to your buddy, in a safe place, like you
would have to in real life!

3. No Combat Logging!!
If you're in an active RP situation you do not respawn to avoid arrest.
This means that you may not close your game or quit the game when you are: being arrested, in custody, incapacitated (To not have to wait 5 minutes), or in an RP situation with anybody! If you crash or
get instanced, make an attempt to find the officer/civilian you were in custody/RPing with prior to the crash and attempt to continue the RP!

4. Do not police the Police.
If you think you were treated unfairly, make a post on the forums in the appropriate place.
Do not try to tell the police what is and what is not law. If you believe you were arrested or shot for an invalid reason, we have an appeal section on the forums here. We can handle the case fully, but do not try to "boss around" the officers/deputies on scene!
5. Roleplay!
Make sure everything you do has roleplay involved.
This is a roleplay server, so think to yourself "Could I do this in real life" and if the answer is no, then don't do it! Failing to RP is a bannable offense
and is not taken lightly by the admins! So before you jump your car off a 10 story building or break into the army base, think!
This includes not taking advantage of game mechanics. Can you lockpick a tank without getting killed by AI in the naval base? Yes! But would you be able to in real life? No!
Obvious disregard for our in game laws - traffic, felony, misdemeanour - and clear disregard for our server rules, will lead to a ban. There is no RP reason to just speed everywhere you go and follow
absolutely no traffic laws. The only reason is, you want to be chased...this is cop baiting as an example.
Basically, don't FailRP!

6. No deathmatching!
Have a reason to kill someone
This is common sense and universal among all roleplay servers that exist. Only kill for a valid reason, not because they looked at you wrongly. Rival gang members, an armed robbery that goes wrong, scenarios like that are alright, but don't make a constant habit of it. It could be viewed as deathmatching and reported. "Because I'm a criminal" is NOT a valid reason to kill someone. RDMing is a bannable offense and is taken very seriously. If you don't have a motive for killing, other than "I felt like it" or "I'm a criminal" then don't kill! This goes for interactions with police as well... Shooting an officer dead because he was about to give you a $100 ticket for speeding is
not something you'd do in real life and is RDM!
7. No cop baiting!
This is a huge one! It goes hand in hand with FailRP usually! If your motive for doing something is "I wanna get caught by the police" or "I wanna get in a police chase," then you're cop baiting! Any act to intentionally grab the attention of the police is cop baiting and will get you banned, so don't do it!

8. Help chat should be used for help only!
Don't post things like "Hey Jimmy" in the /ooc or /help chat, if you require further help please head to our discord webpage and ask help from admins.

9. Account/Character Rules
Only 1 steam account per person is allowed on the server!
DO NOT create multiple accounts.
You must use a first and last name when creating your character. And please, make it something believable that sounds like a legitimate name such as "John Robinson".
No characters named "John 6969" Have fun with it, but don't go crazy with it.

10. Game functions
Do NOT block areas where jobs and shops are please. We don't need things spawning on top of each other. Wait your turn to do a job if need be.
If there's a vehicle blocking the circle anywhere, ask for an officer to remove it over global help, or call police to get an officer to remove it! Do not spawn more than 1 vehicle for a job at a time and if you
do, call police immediately to have them removed!
DO NOT SPAWN VEHICLES FOR JOBS AND LEAVE THEM IN THE SPAWNING AREA! Others cannot spawn a vehicle when you do this. When you disconnected, please park your vehicle off of the road
in a safe place and lock it. If needed, park them in a parking lot that isn't already filled with 900 cars and vans!
When using the tow truck, DO NOT tow vehicles with players in it! It causes major issues. Additionally, DO NOT attempt to tow vehicles that are bigger than the truck's bed. This also causes major
issues. Pretty simple!(edited)
11. Low Police presence
If there are no police online, player to player crimes, such as kidnapping, robbery, etc, should not be abused. Some civilians cannot defend themselves or are new to the server and this will give a
negative impression to some players. Please refrain from violent crimes against other players when there is not a police presence on the server.
Basically, if you know there's no police on (You'll typically know, since police will speak up every once in a while) don't commit player vs player crimes or any felonious crimes that need a police
presence to defend against!

12. Exploits/cheats/mods
Client side mods that give the player an unfair advantage are prohibited. This would include any speed upgrades, trainers and mods that give advantages (Most are blocked anyway)
Exempt from this rule are mods for map, sound or lighting, etc. these are ok to use as they do not provide any edge to the player.
Exploiting bugs in the game or any other type of cheat will result in you being banned from the server.
Pretty simple... If you find a bug, report it! If you keep using the bug and it benefits you or harms others in some way, you will be banned!

13. IRL Monetary gains
Offering players real money or gifts in exchange for in-game money, is against server rules.
This is not a "Pay to win" game where players can trade real life money for game money!
14. Committing an act of crime within Civilian spawn area and the garage will result in a kick/ban
Spawn is a very busy area, with the fact that people are just spawning there, so it can become very chaotic and very difficult to deal with. Any crime that initiates in the spawn area and up to the garage will be removed from the server. Crimes that have been initiated outside of the spawn area, that have been unavoidable to travel through the area you will be granted with grace. However please try and avoid the area at all costs. Please take note of the server laws, any of these committed will have action taken against them! That includes loitering.

15. No stealing emergency vehicles
It is against server rules to steal and operate any emergency vehicles on the server unless you are whitelisted cop or EMT.

16. No racism
Racism of any form even within role play is strictly against server rules. Anyone found using offensive language that some cultures/backgrounds may find offensive will be banned.

17. Mic requirement
To achieve a high standard of RP, we require all players to use a mic in game. If you do not have a mic you will be removed from the game.
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