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Ban Appeal Template - Must use!

on Sun Dec 03, 2017 5:13 pm
"First and Last RP Name - Ban Appeal"

Your RP Name and Login/in-game name (if different):

Your SteamID64 (REQUIRED; use Google to help you find this if you don't know how):

Who was the Staff Member that Banned you? (if known):

Date were you banned (MM/DD/YYYY) and approximate time (including timezone; bonus points if you convert it to US Central Daylight Time):

What platform was your ban issued for (Teamspeak/Discord/Forum/Game):

How long were you banned for:

What led to you getting banned (honesty preferred, don't use this to plead your case):

Why should you be unbanned ("I want to play" is not a sufficient reason):

Evidence (video preferred):
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